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Episode 1: @extradeadjcb

Episode 1: @extradeadjcb

Discussing cancellation in the context of EXIT

Today, we are publishing our first episode of the Pluribus Podcast!

Our first guest is a good friend and sponsor, @extradeadjcb, who is the founder of, and who writes the newsletter:


In this episode we discuss:

  • The story of Dr. Bennett’s cancellation as a motivation for founding the EXIT group in terms of technical and social support.

  • How and why a general “opposition to cancel culture” is not a coherent ethic by which groups can coordinate.

  • The ongoing process of forming “decentralized network unions” around a One Commandment as per Balaji Srinivasan’s Network State.

  • Different interactive mechanisms for creating and propagating a sustainable culture: both memetically – via art & literature – and genetically.

  • Ways for projects like Pluribus and EXIT to work together, as well as the rate limitations on such projects being deployed at scale.


The Pluribus Newsletter
The Pluribus Podcast
Encouraging individuals to thrive in the face of punitive canceling events.
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