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Episode 2: @RokoMijic

Episode 2: @RokoMijic

Discussing cancellation in the context of algorithms, AI, and rationalism

Here is the second episode of the Pluribus Podcast! Our guest is @RokoMijic, author of the infamous ‘Roko’s Basilisk’ thought experiment, and publisher at


In this episode we discuss:

  • Roko’s exile from LessWrong, and the broader rationalist community for his literary chef-d'oeuvre

  • Social media censorship (i.e, shawdowbanning, de-boosting, monetization) as a matter of information signaling, rather than pure content

  • Cancel culture as a ‘paper clip maximizer’ that selects for docility, sterility, and compliance via every possible avenue

  • Public decision-making, e.g., democracy, applied in the wrong contexts undermining group cohesion

  • Technological tools to address cancellation, such as meta-clients that allow for stronger data self-ownership and curation

Give it a listen and a share!

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Encouraging individuals to thrive in the face of punitive canceling events.
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