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Episode 3: @JoshLekach
Episode 3: @JoshLekach
Discussing cancellation that occurs through guilt-by-association, and the immediate aftermath

Here is the third episode of the Pluribus Podcast! Our guest is @JoshLekach, host of the WRONG OPINION podcast, and author of “THE MANUAL”: both available at

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Josh’s suspension from Patreon and Vimeo, likely due to a one time appearance on Alex Jones’ InfoWars

  • Leveraging podcast appearances as a form of cancellation insurance

  • Techniques from stoicism to remain composed during the unfolding chaos of a cancellation

  • Some general advice about family and faith.

Give it a listen, and a share it widely!

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Encouraging individuals to thrive in the face of punitive canceling events.

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